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Do you have shareholder meetings?
Yes, shareholders will be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. If there's a particularly important matter that can’t wait until the next AGM, shareholders may be called to an Extraordinary General Meeting.
How can I get a copy of your annual report?
You can view the annual report online. These can be found in the Investor Relations section of our website under Results & Reports.
How do I buy and trade shares?
You can buy and sell our ordinary shares through a financial adviser or stockbroker or an online share trading platform that offer a similar service. The commission charges for buying and selling shares will vary depending on the organisation.
How do I transfer stock, change my shareholder account address, or replace a lost stock certificate?
The company’s transfer secretaries will be happy to help if you have a question. Please see contact details below.
What anti-fraud information should I be aware of?
As an investor, you should be aware of common investment scam tactics in the market. The scams usually start either by receiving a brochure in the mail, or a sales representative making contact via phone or email. Hard sell tactics will be employed to pressure the victim into a transaction; for example, the shares will be offered at a low price valid for a very limited period, with guaranteed high returns, and payments must almost immediately be made to an offshore account.

To prevent yourself from falling prey to such scams, it is always advisable to validate the authenticity of the offer by checking the registration of the individual selling you the shares, or contacting the company whose shares are being offered. If you are in any doubt, check with your own bank's fraud team before investing. For more helpful tips on protection against investment fraud, visit Computer Share.

If you suspect you or someone you know, may have recently fallen prey to investment scams, contact the transacting bank immediately to attempt to stop payments from being made.
What happens at the Annual General Meeting?
The AGM reviews Standard Bank performance over the past year and gives shareholders the opportunity to ask questions and vote on key issues. These include the approval of the annual report and accounts, the election of directors and the re-election of auditors.

Shareholders can ask questions relating to items on the meeting agenda, as well as general questions about Standard Bank and its activities. There may also be special issues to vote on.
What if I cannot attend the Annual General Meeting?
If you're unable to attend in person, you can still get your views heard. If shares are registered in your name, we’ll send you a proxy form before the meeting, allowing you to vote for or against each of the items (also called 'resolutions') on the agenda.

Alternatively, you can nominate someone else to attend the meeting and vote for you as your proxy. If your shares are registered in someone else's name, they'll receive the proxy form.
What is Standard Bank official accounting currency?
Our official accounting currency is the South African Rand.
What is the Standard Bank Group’s stock symbol?
Our stock symbol changes depending on which stock exchange market you are operating in. Here are the most common ones:

Johannesburg Stock Exchange and A2X: SBK
Namibia Stock Exchange: SNB
When is the next Annual General Meeting?
AGMs are generally held in June each year. Head to our Shareholder Calendar for more information on upcoming events.
When will Standard Bank report its next set of financial results?
All upcoming shareholder related announcements and events are listed on our Shareholder Calendar.
Where are Standard Bank Group ordinary shares traded?
Standard Bank Group ordinary shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, A2X and the Namibia Stock Exchange.
Where can I find stock exchange announcements released by Standard Bank?
You can view recent Johannesburg Stock Exchange announcements on the Announcement Page on our Investor Relations website.

You can also register to receive email updates of announcements via the following link The Vault.
Where can I get information about Standard Bank Group preference shares and latest preference dividends declared?
Standard Bank Group has two preferences shares in issue, the share codes are SBKP and SBPP.

You can get details of Standard Bank Group preference shares using the following link: Preference Share Documents

You can get details of Standard Bank Group preference share dividends declared using the following link: Dividends
Where can I get information about Standard Bank Group shareholders?
You can get details of Standard Bank Group shareholders on the Investor Relations website under “Equity Investors” using the following link: Shareholders.
Where can I get information about Standard Bank Group’s latest ordinary dividends declared?
You can get details of Standard Bank Group ordinary dividends declared using the following link: Dividends
Who are Standard Bank’s transfer secretaries?
Who can I contact about Standard Bank Group’s strategy and financial performance?
The company’s Investor Relations will be happy to help if you have a question. Please send an email to the following address: Investor Relations
Who can I contact about stock questions?
The company's transfer secretaries will be happy to help if you have a question. Please see contact details below.
Contact details - If you still have questions, please direct to the relevant contacts below.
Customer Contact Centre
Sat–Sun and public holidays, 12–4pm

Direct any questions about Standard Bank banking products to:
Share trading
If you wish to buy or sell Standard Bank Group shares, please contact your stockbroker directly. If you don’t have a stockbroker, you could contact Standard Bank Stockbrokers to understand the services they provide.
Transfer Secretaries in South Africa

Computershare Investor Services

Rosebank Towers
15 Biermann Avenue

PO Box:
Private Bag X9000
South Africa

Transfer Secretaries in Namibia

Computershare Investor Services

4 Robert Mugabe Avenue
(Entrance in Burg Street)

PO Box:

Group Secretariate
Kobus Froneman
Group Secretary

If you have any questions about Standard Bank Group governance-related matters, including Management, the Board of Directors and shareholder meetings
Investor Relations
Sarah Rivett-Carnac
Head of Investor Relations

If you have any questions about the group’s strategy or financial performance
Strategic Funding

Marc Hearn
Head: Strategic Funding

If you have any questions about the group’s debt issuance strategy or debt instruments