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Insurance and Asset Management careers

Our evolution from a traditional bank into a digitally enabled, diversified services organisation is at the heart of us understanding our clients better – and the secret to us delivering more tailored and proactive solutions than ever before.

Insurance and Asset Management is best positioned to provide comprehensive investment and asset management offerings, as well as insurance solutions, to our African clients.

Our goal is to meet our clients’ financial needs by offering holistic advice and competitive solutions during significant transition points in their lives. With our expertise in the Standard Bank Group, we are uniquely equipped to serve the financial needs of African clientele seeking trusted guidance on investment, insurance, and asset management solutions.

In fact, they go far beyond what you’d expect from financial services – all to make sure our clients have seamless access to a comprehensive range of services, through a pioneering digital ecosystem.


We offer a range of risk, life and health insurance solutions to help our personal and business clients throughout their lifetime . We have a solution for  every event in your life that might need financial assistance, from a new job, a new addition to the family, a health challenge, retirement and leaving a legacy for your loved ones.  We offer credit card and protection plans, travel insurance, building insurance, cash insurance, crop insurance to event liability insurance, vehicle and asset insurance, commercial property insurance, small business insurance and home contents insurance.

Rise, grow and win with us in the following areas:  

  • Portfolio Underwriting Managers 
  • Claims Consultants 
  • Financial Advisors 
  • Call Centre Operations 
  • Administrators
Investments and Asset Management

When it comes to investments, we know that one size does not fit all. We have the investment expertise and solutions to help clients capitalise on both local and global opportunities. Our wide range of investment products allow you to invest today for a better tomorrow.

Rise, grow and win with us in the following areas:

  • Investments Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Analysts
  • Offshore Managers
Liberty and Stanlib forms part of our Insurance and Asset Management business.

To access Insurance and Asset Management career opportunities please visit the Liberty career website.

Personal employee benefits designed with you in mind

When you join us, you’ll enjoy benefits designed to help you achieve your ambitions inside work and out, both now and in the future. The exact benefits you receive will depend on the country you join us in, but can include the following:
Taking care of yourself

We don’t always know where life will take us, so we’ve put together a range of benefits tailored specifically to help you take care of yourself and those you love.

  • Wellness programmes
  • Counselling and advisory services
  • Life, personal accident, incapacity and funeral cover
  • Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) cover
  • Discounted rates for voluntary benefits such as spouse life cover, dread disease cover, funeral cover for parents and/or parents-in-law and medical aid gap cover
Managing your finances

We all have dreams and goals in life – so we have several ways to help make them more accessible to you, with significant savings.

  • Retirement funding
  • Discounted banking products
  • Transactional and investment banking products
  • Home loans and vehicle finance at preferential rates
  • Access to credit
  • Assistance with insurance and wills
  • Online share trading
  • Rewards
Rewards and recognition

We believe in recognising the hard work and positive approach of our people – so we have three formal recognition programmes.

  • Beyond Excellence
  • Mark of Excellence
  • Long service awards
A healthy balance

Your life outside work is important, so we have a leave structure which gives you plenty of time to relax, thrive and be the best you. The exact leave benefits you receive will depend on the country you join us in, but can include the following:

  • Vacation leave
  • Additional vacation leave
  • Study leave
  • Parental leave
  • Compassionate/family responsibility leave
  • Special discretionary leave
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Sick leave
  • Short-term incapacity leave
  • Recognition leave
  • Optional unpaid leave
Please note: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits. Instead, we believe in taking a more personal approach to giving our people what they need. That’s why our benefits package can look a little different, depending on where you’re based.
Talent acquisition journey

We believe in making dreams possible and connecting the brightest talent to the meaningful opportunities they need to build their skills, ignite their ambitions, and get closer to their purpose.

Apply online

You’ll discover amazing career opportunities on our website. So, start exploring. You can create a profile or log in with your existing details if you’ve already got one. There, you can complete the online application form and submit it, with the supporting documents we’ve requested.

Selection process

  • Shortlist: Our Talent Acquisition Specialist and relevant Hiring Manager review all applications and make a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.
  • Competency- based interview: If you’re shortlisted, we’ll invite you to take part in a competency-based interview.
  • Assessments: If you’re successful in with the interview, you’ll move on to the assessments. Depending on the role you’re applying for, you might be asked to undertake a case-study exercise, technical test, and psychometric assessment, as well as any other role-specific assessment.
  • Panel- interview: Then you’ll proceed to final interview stage, where you’ll meet an interview panel and get to ask further questions.

Pre-employment screening

If you have been successful in the selection process, our Talent Acquisition team will get in touch to get your consent for our pre-employment screening which includes the following:

  • Identity and educational qualification verification
  • Credit record and criminal record
  • Outside Business Interest Declaration and Personnel Account Trading Declaration
  • Sanctions screening and confirmation of current employment.


If we’re happy with your pre-employment screening, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will prepare your employment contract and send you an offer letter, detailing everything you’ll need to know about your new role.


Even before you begin working with us, we want you to think of Standard Bank Group as your home. So, before you join, we'll get you off to a flying start with our onboarding experience.