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    Menu display variations
    Meganav 2 display
    To be used when displaying a few 4th and 5th level subchannels as well as a content item

    Product detail pages can be assembled using either the product CTDs or by manually adding components to a channel page. The pages below showcase the components that use Product CTDs

    Menu display variations
    Meganav 3 display
    To be used when preferred display is a vertical listing of the 4th level subchannels

    Enable customers to find your countries branches and ATMs. 

    The locator caters for both text based search and location based search (if your location co-ordinates are enabled in the browser).  The locator groups ATMs with the same GPS co-ordinates and Centre type classificaiton eg Autobank or Branch, displaying 1 pin for each Centre Type. Viewing the detail will display all ATMs at the location.   

    The ATM and Branch data is not content managed. It is pulled dynamically from the Group's Real Estate Locator database.  Speak to the Group Marketing Platform team to ensure your countries data is maintained in their database.

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    Content Item or CI pages are used for all the content types, listed as menu options here, ie for Products, Articles, FAQs, Generic,  Event, Deals and Profiles.  

    For CI pages: 

    • authors don't create channel pages for each CI page eg product or article page
    • some default, common components are already added on the template level
    • authors can still add additional components to the page
    • the template is assigned to the Content Type
    • all CI pages must be associated to a channel (normally the parent channel), to ensure the content gets published and the correct URL is generated for the page

    Click on the specific Content Type  you are interested in, from the menu options alongisde.

    A detail page is available for the following content items:

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The details of all support contacts as well as the process are listed below. Contact the relevant team members for assistance. This page is still under construction!!

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