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About us
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About the Enterprise Component library

This site showcases the component templates that are available and used for assembling the bank's public websites. The site has been assembled and is maintained by the Public Web Feature team. It is aimed at all our content editors and authors.

About the team

The Public Web Feature is responsible for designing, building and maintaining all the group's websites (around 40 sites) that are hosted internally by the bank, as well as managing the platform

The feature team consists of a 

  • Platform Manager, Technical Lead, Design Lead
  • Feature Analyst and Testers
  • Business enablement Training Manager
  • Frontend and Backend (Java) Developers
  • Platform Support Developers
What we do

The Public Web Feature team is the custodian of the bank's Content Management System called the WEM, which hosts most of the group's public websites. We build engaging web experiences and provide you with a solution and toolset to assemble your own pages and manage the content on your sites

Our strategy and approach to  enable this  is to:

  • design and build re-usable and content managed components  
  • adopting a centralised design system
  • thereby maintaining  a consistent brand and user experience 
  • sharing components and code across all sites
  • providing each site with its own set of templates
  • cloning new sites from a site master
  • upskilling our authors and editors on how to  content manage their sites