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The ATM & Branch Locator can be added to all our sites. See details below on how to configure the component for use on your site. 

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Sandton City Branch
1.9kms - Open until 16:00
5th floor, Sandton City
Corner Alice Lance & Sandton Drive Sandton, Gauteng
Also offers:
NOTE: Your abiltiy to access this location may be limited by the operating hours of the shopping centre
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AutoCash - allows you to withdraw money, make payments and transfers. AutoBank - Allows you to withdraw, transfer, make payments and deposit money. There is no clearance period on deposits, as you/the beneficiary should have immediate access to the funds once deposited. AutoPlus - allows you to managed existing account as well as open savings and investment account. You are also able to apply for an overdraft or get a 6 month bank statement. Spark - Allows you to withdraw money, make payments and transfers.

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Cash processing​ Teller services available. Financial Planning Services​​ Achieve your goals with a holistic financial plan that will keep you, your family, and your assets protected.​ Fingerprint Zone by MIE​​ Capturing of fingerprints for criminal record check by MIE (Managed Integrity Evaluation).​ Forex​ Place your foreign currency order at your nearest in-branch forex outlet. Available in 18 major currencies.​ ID and Passport (new & renewal)​​ Apply online for your Smart ID or passport and collect it at one of our specialised branches.​ MoneyGram​​ Make quick money transfers to over 200 countries or receive money without having a bank account.​ Wheelchair accessibility​​ Access banking services at our wheelchair-friendly branch.​

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How to configure the ATM & Branch Locator Component

  • Drag and drop the Component Template onto your page (as you would do for any component)
  • There is no need to clone the content item. You just need to update the Presentation Properties of the component
  •   Update the Presentation Properties of the component  as follows:
    • Longitude and Latitude - update these for your country. These co-ords are used to position the centre of the map  and are only displayed on page load when the user has not shared their location details.
    • Zoom - specifies the zoomed in percentage of the map for the default page load when the user has not shared their location details.
    • Gres - specifies the ID of the Head Office branch for your country. Contact the Platform team to provide you with the ID - you need to give them the name of the branch. This Branch is displayed in the Search Results display on page load when the user has not shared their location details.
    • Radius - specifies the area from the user's location in which to return the ATM and branch data . This is used for the location based search when a user has shared their gps co-ordinates. 
    • Language - specifies the language to be used for the static text display. Default is set to English. Make sure you have spoken to the Platform team to ensure that the static text has been populated for the lang of your site 
    • TempClosureMessageLink - this was implemented duriing Covid for the SA business, where the Branch data coming from  GRES was being managed on a day-to-day basis and could have a status of being Temporarily Closed. Since the Branch data on the Locator is only being updated on a weekly basis, we will still dispaly  the branch  details but are also notifying the users that the branch may be temporarily closed. The notification message suggests that the user verfiy if the branch is open/closed and links to page where a list of open branches is maintained.  If you don't require this functionality for your country, then REMOVE this property.

Frequency of ATM and Branch data refresh

  • The data is  pulled from the Group Real Estate (GRES) Locator / POR database and added to a service managed by the Digital Platforms App team. The locator consumes this service from the App team.
  • The import of ATM and branch data takes place  monthly. Currrently GRES is making daily changes to the Branch data (eg open/closed/tempc status and operating hours). GRES is currently only making updates to ATM data on a monthly basis. These ATM changes are normally done at the end of the month and should be completed by the 15th of the month, after which they will reflect in our locator.