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    Our gallery is the only corporate gallery that hosts international arts and drives thought-leadership. It is home to the most comprehensive African Art collection in the country.

    The Standard Bank Young Artist Awards were established in 1981 to celebrate emerging South African artists who live their personal truth through their art and show exceptional talent in their chosen medium 


    Since its inception in 1997, the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival has provided the platform for renowned African artists to join global icons in delivering an outstanding jazz experience under one roof.
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Group Sponsorship
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Standard Bank Sponsorships

Sponsorships play an important role in building the brand and establishing relevance in the markets where the Standard Bank Group operates. By sponsoring events, initiatives, and projects in the arts and other sectors, Standard Bank creates a platform for meaningful engagement with its customers. Through these sponsorships, the bank demonstrates its commitment to supporting local communities, fostering cultural development, and connecting with its audience on a deeper level. Such engagements not only enhance brand visibility but also strengthen the bond between Standard Bank and its customers, ultimately contributing to the bank's overall success and impact in the regions it serves.

Our Investment in the Arts

Standard Bank's dedication to championing the arts for over four decades reflects its commitment to fostering a unique cultural identity for the African continent. Through its arts sponsorship programme, the bank aims to play a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting the development of both visual and performing arts. By encouraging engagement and social interaction, Standard Bank not only supports artists and their creative endeavors but also enriches the cultural landscape of Africa as a whole.

Our Arts Sponsorships
Joy of Jazz 2024
Standard Bank Joy of Jazz

Joy of Jazz is the biggest and most authentic jazz festival on the continent. It is Africa’s premium Jazz destination.

SBYA 2023
Standard Bank Young Artist Award

An annual award programme for artists who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen field

National Arts Festival_40 years
National Arts Festival

This annual event is Africa’s biggest and boldest art festival and the second largest in the world.

 Standard Bank Ovation Awards
Standard Bank Ovation Awards

Established in 2010, the Standard Bank Ovation Awards reward the best of the uncurated Fringe component of the National Arts Festival

Visual Arts
AC Art Gallery content tile
Standard Bank Art Gallery

Situated at the bank’s headquarters in downtown Johannesburg, opened its doors to the public in 1990. It’s dynamic visual arts exhibition programme in keeping with the Standard Bank’s aim of promoting South African art and supporting cultural development and it is one of the few institutions in South Africa to host international exhibitions.​

A View of Table
Standard Bank Corporate Art Collection

The Standard Bank Corporate Art Collection stands as one of the country's most distinguished and comprehensive collections of its kind.

Standard Bank African Art Collection

This collection is a true testament of Standard Bank's commitment to celebrating the arts in Africa - our home, as we continue to drive her growth.

Virtual Exhibitions

Go beneath the surface of our heritage in the virtual exhibition.