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Our impact areas

We’re committed to realising Africa’s potential through inclusive, sustainable growth and economic development. To support this commitment, we aim to achieve positive social, economic and the environmental (SEE) impact by focusing on the 7 key areas of financial inclusion, job creation and enterprise growth, sustainable finance and climate change, infrastructure development, Africa trade and investment, education and health.

What SEE means for us
Maximising positive impact

We focus on the core areas of our business that we believe have the potential to have the greatest impact on society and the environment.

Aligning our purpose

We align our core business activities with the most pressing needs of Africa’s people, business and economies, informed by developmental planning and climate strategies.

Driving sustainable growth and value

Through our responsibility to our clients, communities and society, we’re committed to inclusive development that benefits both current and future generations.

Our SEE impact areas
Financial Inclusion
Financial inclusion

Expanding people’s access to the formal financial system supports economic and human development and reduces inequality. Standard Bank enables individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to access relevant and cost-effective financial products and services, including payments, savings, credit and insurance.

Job creation
Job creation and enterprise growth

Improving access to a wide range of financial services for Africa’s small enterprises and supporting small enterprises to access value chains and markets

Sustainable finance
Sustainable finance and climate change

We believe that Africa’s transition to renewable energy and a lower carbon economy is essential to mitigate the impact of climate change while promoting economic growth and poverty alleviation


Investing in energy, water, transport and telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate economic growth and create opportunities for job creation and human development

Africa trade
Africa trade and investment

Providing trade solutions to enable optimal international trade, minimise logistical challenges and facilitate relationships between importers and exporters


Supporting access to quality education and training to enable Africa’s people to thrive in a digitised world through innovative financial solutions


Investing in our employees’ health, safety and wellbeing, financing healthcare providers and developing health-related infrastructure in Africa

Responsible development block _ SBG Foyer
Positive Social, Environmental and Economic Impact

Our SEE commitments align with our business activities, the most pressing needs of Africa’s people, and international development programs including:
 - The UN Principles for Responsible Banking
 - The Paris Agreement
 - The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
 - South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP)
 - AU Agenda 2063
In our countries of operation.

Sim quote
Sim Tshabalala
Group Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, SBG And SBSA

“We commit to working with African governments, business and communities to find new ways for African economies to develop and industrialise, and for African communities to prosper, while minimising negative environmental and social impacts where possible.”

Managing Environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities (ESG) forms part of our culture, strategy, and management approach.
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