RPC week 25 – 30 March

The 2019 edition of the Standard Bank Regional Performance Centre (RPC) Under-16 Week takes place this week (25 – 30 March), with the some of the country’s most promising young cricketers set to descend on Potchefstroom
Fun fact about the RPC and RPC week

From bud to bloom

With our involvement in the “Bud to Bloom” programme, we aim to have a socially relevant activity underpinning our sponsorship, enabling the sustainability of the future Proteas. We understand that we can’t make a difference at a national level if the inequalities of the foundation feeder system are not addressed. The Regional Performance Centre programme (RPC) provides a level playing field for all talented young cricketers. Each RPC has qualified coaches, adequate facilities, management structures, boys’ and girls’ facilities and a partnership with local government and active feeder systems that provide a minimum of four primary schools and four high schools in townships and rural areas. This sponsorship focuses on age groups 10 – 18-year, transitioning from soft ball to hard ball cricket.

The RPCs will help these players reach their full potential and turn their dreams into reality. The goal is to transform the cricket landscape in the country and change lives by developing young talent by giving kids from non-traditional feeder systems the chance to excel.

The RPC programme identifies players within disadvantaged areas to be part of a high-performance environment within their own community and support structure – the idea is to grow a whole new generation of Protea players. These centres of excellence provide the players with quality coaches and facilities, but also with life skills and socio-economic support and equipment, both personal and technical.

The story of a Standard Bank Protea

RPC achievements

We’ve got over 6000 children that are catered for in the RPC nationally. In 2017, 120 players were chosen to represent at Arias Bovisat de Villiers Nation Weeks. This year the RPCs produced a staggering 240 players to the various provincial teams going to the national boys’ and girls’ youth tournaments – up from just 98 in 2015. 1 489 matches were played in 2017/18 achieving a winning ratio of 54.09%.

We wholeheartedly support all young cricketers who want to play this wonderful game – and now they can be given the high-level skills and coaching they need to succeed.

One of the main outcomes of the RPC programme is to support education and Cricket South Africa has afforded 63 talented players opportunity to study at some of South Africa’s top schools. This was made possible through different bursary platforms.

Cricket SA’s focus is on the feeder schools in close proximity to the RPC (3 Km radius) where their coaches can conduct talent ID, the idea is to avoid kids to walk long distances to the RPC’s. The talented players will be enrolled in the high performance programme and be prepared for the national weeks.

Uplift coaching skills and programmes at HUB level

The coaching programme at the Regional Performance Centre looks after the players between the ages of 11 and 18. The objective is to harness the talent and prepare the players for national weeks and produce future Proteas and leaders.

The coaching programme starts is from Monday to Friday, 14h30 to 16h00, every age group consists of between 16 to 20 players with three full time coaches.

Coaches conduct talent scouting within feeder schools and initiate area league matches to encourage more matches to be played in the townships – everyone is welcome to partake in the Regional Performance Programme but they need to go through a talent identification process.

Cricket South Africa has selected following scouts to assist with the talent identification:

  • Adrian Birrel
  • Victor Mpitsang
  • John Bailey
  • Omphile Rakgetsi

The programme is not only about bats and balls. It also deals with education and nutrition through the ‘School-in-a-Box’ initiative. It offers the players after school classes and assists with Maths, English, Science and coded subjects and a special nutritional programme through Nutriwell.

How do I get involved?

Standard Bank does not get involved in the coaching of the RPC programme. This is managed by Cricket South Africa. Our Sponsorship is to aid them in the running the programme and providing opportunities for the young talent and our children.

Cricket SA encourages parents and community involvement and everyone is welcome to be a part of the programme and volunteer their services. Queries can be addressed at Buhle Vaphi buhlev@cricket.co.za