Experiencing live jazz is far better than hearing about it!
June 17, 2015

Through a three-phased social experiment, Standard Bank proves that experiencing live jazz is far better than hearing about it!

We all know that experiencing a live music performance is better than just listening, watching a recording, or hearing about it from a friend but, with music now mainly experienced digitally, it seemed an opportune time to test the theory that nothing can replace the magic of live performance.

As part of its campaign for this years National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Standard Bank undertook a social experiment testing the hypothesis 'the closer you are, the more you feel'.

The video of the experiment can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDJcS9hNs2Q&feature=youtu.be

Three volunteers - a music student with "two tone-deaf parents", an aspiring singer in her twenties and an elderly sales rep who enjoys classical music - were wired to a barrage of monitors, recording EEG, heart rate and blood pressure. Their physical reactions to music were recorded in three different guises;

Phase 1: being told about the performance by a knowledgeable insider
Phase 2: viewing a video of the performance
Phase 3: the live performance itself.

The stimulus used was Standard Bank Young Artist winner Nduduzo Makhathini performing his song Echoes of You.

Unsurprisingly, being merely told about the performance elicited the lowest reading, while the third phase of the experiment, watching a live performance of Nduduzo Makhathini at The Orbit Jazz Club in Joburg, yielded the most radical reaction - increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and unreadable EEG results - because there was too much movement from the participants.  But who can sit still through live jazz?

Commented Jenny Pheiffer, Head Group Brand and Sponsorships, Standard bank, "This was a fun social experiment to re-examine what seems really obvious on one level - just how much better is it to experience a performance live and it transpires it is quantifiably better. Just one of the reasons why Standard Bank continues to support major live events, like the forthcoming Standard Bank Jazz Festival in Grahamstown, where we'll be continuing the social experiment on the ground!"  Watch this space for a fully immersive experience that will take your musical senses on a magical journey through virtual reality.
Tickets to the Standard Bank Jazz Festival, Grahamstown are available at  http://www.nationalartsfestival.co.za. Festival programmes and booking kits are available at Exclusive Books branches and from select Standard Bank branches (see list below). The full jazz programme is available online at   http://www.standardbankarts.co.za and http://www.youthjazz.co.za

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