Cutting edge innovation at Singularity U summit.

As a universal financial services organisation with digital ambitions, Standard Bank is increasingly leaning on exponentially accelerating technology to innovate, create efficiencies and deliver solutions that make a difference in the lives of customers.

We are for this and many other reasons, very proud to be involved in bringing the second SingularityU Summit to South Africa. Taking place at Kyalami International Convention Centre from 15-16 October 2018, the SU Summit continues its mission to accelerate South Africa’s culture of innovation and disruption to address the world's greatest challenges.

The SingularityU South Africa Summit is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to drive new thinking and modes of doing business that can help future-proof Africa. This year’s Summit will bring together some of the world’s most forward-thinking individuals and our society’s most curious minds to help people think about and find real solutions to some of the major challenges on this beautiful continent we call home.

At Standard Bank we are fast evolving into a 24/7, seamless and real-time financial services company that can adopt a 360-degree customer view and bring about solutions that will positively impact the lives of our customers across Africa.

The customer is the pivotal focus on our digital journey, with migration to a core banking system on track as we strive to harness our powerful network and drive a true universal banking proposition across the continent.

Not only are we applying cutting-edge technology on a broad scale to bring about convenient, reliable and market-leading advances to the banking sector, we are also adopting a start-up mentality ourselves to truly assist entrepreneurs on their growth journeys.

Learning can, however, never stop as the pace of change continues to accelerate. Technology like artificial intelligence and robotics are on exponential growth curves and in this regard we are adapting and assisting our clients to stay a step ahead.

We have committed ourselves to never standing still in driving this change and the innovations that come with it. This is why support of innovation at events such as Singularity University is important – it can advance our own thinking and ultimately assist in finding solutions that will improve the lives of not only our customers but all individuals across the continent, whilst at the same time ensuring we remain agile in the way we harness exponential technologies.

After all, the African continent has so much potential, but access to insights, networks and technology is just as important as access to finance and, as Africans, we need to think big about how we can leverage technology to drive innovation.

The time to think differently is now. It’s not just the big corporates that are needed to make a difference, anyone can and should get involved to help drive change in their cities and communities. The biggest and best ideas can come from anywhere – and it’s up to all of us.

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