The PAST All from One campaign promotes African unity, collaboration, tolerance and conservation.

Standard Bank is a proud sponsor of the Paleontological Scientific Trust (PAST), a Johannesburg-based NGO that since 1994 has promoted research, education and public awareness of Africa’s rich fossil heritage and its status as the birthplace of humankind.

1. Inspire scientific curiosity among children.

2. Promote social cohesion and environmental conservation.

3. Build African pride and identity by promoting the idea that all human beings, including the species we share our planet with are 99.9% alike.

Standard Bank became a founding partner of PAST 18 years ago and has since been recognised as the Trust’s principal corporate sponsor. As a result of this partnership, Standard Bank has helped PAST make progress in the fields of research, education and the awareness of the role that understanding our heritage plays in building a sustainable future.

Standard Bank’s funding has also assisted PAST with their Walking Tall educational initiativeSchool’s project which serves as a foundational educational programme. The programme has reached over 1 million learners and educators since 2002 and continues to function as a mobile science workshop offered to secondary schools. Walking Tall performances will be included in the Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival which takes place at Constitution Hill from 7 – 13 March 2016.

Standard Bank is proud to support the PAST ALL FROM ONE campaign which launched on 10 November 2015 as a pro-Africa campaign calling for unity, collaboration, conservation and tolerance in the pursuit of prosperity. We value our relationship with PAST and believe it plays a vital role in preserving national heritage, encourages interest in the sciences and advocates for youth participation. We trust that through this collaboration, we will afford a number of people the opportunity to understand their shared origins and help to build the spirit of tolerance in our country and the world over.

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