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Because we are integrally related to the communities we serve we are conscious of and appreciate the role we play in the success and sustainability of these communities and society at large.

Engaging with communities and stakeholders takes place through formal concrete actions that span small once off projects to major programmes.  These range from academic endeavours to charity work; long term partnerships to emergency support for an urgent need; from enterprises with global impact to causes that bring relief for and boost local groups.

Significantly we appreciate the value and insights brought by a range of organisations and companies in communities. We collaborate with them to combine our respective strengths and thus yield more impactful results for whatever cause we may be supporting.

Ultimately we are driven by a positive confidence we have in the markets we serve. The dynamism of our partners and communities continues to spur us to do our bit to Move Africa Forward.


                                                                                                                                     Standard Bank is a proud sponsor of the Paleontological Scientific Trust (PAST), a Johannesburg-based NGO that since 1994 has promoted research, education and public awareness of Africa’s rich fossil heritage and its status as the birthplace of humankind. As a result of this partnership, Standard Bank has helped PAST make progress in the fields of research, education and the awareness of the role that understanding our heritage plays in building a sustainable future.

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