PAST ‘All From One’ exhibition moves to the Iziko museum
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The exhibit’s is part of the All from One campaign, which aims to increase public’s awareness of our shared origins and the shared origins of all life forms. 

The South African Museum, established in 1825 by Lord Charles Somerset, is the oldest and largest museum on the sub-continent.  The museum is proud to be associated with the exhibit which aims to promote tolerance using our shared African heritage.

A lack of tolerance for others is one of the major ills besetting society today and the campaign heralds the remarkable fact that there is a 99.9% similarity between the chemical sequences making up the genes of any two people.

 “Our future is rooted in our common humanity and it is this common humanity that can act as a powerful tool for securing a vibrant, peaceful society. It is right here in Africa where this journey of understanding and action truly begins,” says PAST CEO, Andrea Leenen.

Science shows that 99.9% of the 3.2 billion nucleotides in your genome occur in the same sequence as in as any other member of the human species. “The scientific fact is humans are 99.9% alike, with just a few genes making for the differences in skin colour,” says Prof. Robert Blumenschine, Chief Scientist at PAST.

Following Cape Town, the exhibition is set to tour East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania) and then West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana). Plans are also being developed to launch the campaign and exhibition in the U.A.E. with an event in Abu Dhabi hosted by Sheikh Nahayan, the U.A.E. Minister of Culture, and PAST's Middle East Campaign Patron. In 2016/2017, the PAST Exhibition is proposed to travel to London, New York and/or Washington.

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