Cutting edge innovation at Singularity U summit.

The future is undoubtedly digital, and businesses from manufacturing to financial services are applying cutting-edge technology to facilitate positive changes in the lives of customers. As such, the learning never stops as every sector throughout the world strives to be the first to invent the latest innovation that matters.

First in Africa

It’s little surprise then, that we’re bringing you Africa’s first Singularity University Summit, a two-day international event in Johannesburg, South Africa, which will highlight the impact of AI, robotics, blockchain and other exponential technologies not only in finance, but in the similarly critical sectors of security, healthcare and design.

To be held on 23 and 24 August, the summit invites the public, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors and non-government organisations to explore the various ways in which current and potential future innovations can tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

Participants will have access to advanced technology, expert-led debates and discussions, and theories of best practice in a variety of fields. Summit speakers include Ramez Naam, a computer scientist and award-winning author; Raymond (Ray) McCauley, scientist, engineer and entrepreneur; Adetayo Bamiduro, co-founder and Chief Executive of a crowdsourcing mobility platform for motorcycle taxis in Africa; and Dan Barry, a former NASA astronaut.

As Africa’s largest bank by assets, we are fully aware of the challenges and opportunities the changing technological landscape brings, and we will not stand still when it comes to driving digital innovation. Africa is our home, and we drive her growth.

Support for education and innovation at major events like the Singularity University will advance our own thinking, and ultimately assist in finding solutions to futureproof banking in Africa.

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